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New Year's resolutions often focus on losing weight, exercising more and eating healthier foods. All too often we forget or don't even realize that we need to address our mental health as well. How we deal with stress, cope with daily obstacles in our life, and interact with family and friends are all what our mental health consists of. Unlike losing weight, where you can just look at the read-out on a scale to see results, it is difficult to gauge mental health improvements. It is often impossible for someone to notice a change within themself that could be a mental health problem. Others around may notice changes in your behavior, such as becoming more withdrawn, anxious, socially isolated, melancholy, nervous or depressed.All of us are familiar with these feelings from time to time; they're part of life. Yet those suffering from legitimate mental health disorders in Ohio will have these feelings on a consistent and long-term basis.

If you or someone you know may be suffering from a mental health disorder the first action to take is to seek the diagnoses of a trained medical professional. Often a mental health disorder may result in a dual diagnosis. People with mental health issues will resort to self medication in the form of illegal drugs or alcohol as a way to help cope with their emotional issues. Conversely, a substance abuser may develop mental health issues after engaging in long term drug use.

Mental health in Ohio affects not only you but the people who are involved in your every day activities. Unfortunately, people feel ashamed and humiliated if they suspect that they suffer from a mental health disorder and neglect to seek help for fear of ridicule and scorn. Yet most people who know someone with a mental health disorder wish they were notified sooner because getting help to solve the problem is in everyone's best interest.

Here are the more common mental health disorders:

  • Anxiety
  • Binging/Purging
  • Mood/Emotional
  • Cognitive
  • Personality
  • Psychosis
  • Substance Related

Unfortunately mental health disorders can also affect our physical well-being. A person who is able to cope with stress may internalize his feelings which ultimately results in severe lower back pain or stomach ulcers. The healthier a person becomes mentally is directly related to how they feel physically. Many rehab treatment programs combine medication with group and individual therapy to help treat mental disorders in Ohio. If you or someone you know may be suffering from a mental health disorder then call one of our licensed counselors today and ask how you can regain your emotional well-being. Holistic therapy can be effective at ridding negative emotions that cause stress and anxiety. Today there are more advanced medications that help release more serotonin, thereby easing stress, anxiety, and nervousness. Call us now and ask what methods and programs would be available to most effectively help you become more mentally healthy.

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