Involuntary Addiction Treatment in Ohio

For most addiction treatment admissions in Ohio, it is customary for family or friends to intervene with a person struggling with addiction and help them realize the severity of their problem as well as acknowledge their need for professional help. However, a new law in Ohio allows families to place their loved ones into addiction treatment.

Supporters of the law argue that most families cannot wait for their loved one to realize the damage they are causing themselves and others. Before many addicts are willing to admit to their problem and seek treatment, they are at great risk of unintentionally overdosing - a rapidly growing trend in Ohio. Proponents of the law argue that the decision-making and judgment-ability of the addict becomes so clouded that forced detoxification may at least be needed so that they can make the decision for themselves to seek help.

Others question whether involuntary treatment will work. A central tenet of addiction recovery is voluntary admission into a treatment program. This is because the first step to recovery is the addict's voluntary willingness to accept that they have a substance abuse problem. This usually happens after the addict "hits rock bottom." The law's proponents say that for many substance abusers (including hundreds in Ohio every year), "rock bottom" means death.

There are other concerns with the law besides its effectiveness. Even those who support involuntary treatment say that the law is unfair for only making it available to those families who can afford to foot the bill. Ohio's new law requires family members to sign an upfront agreement that they will pay the total bill for the treatment and give the court a deposit for half of the amount. The law's detractors question how the decision to force someone into addiction treatment will be made and argue that giving a court the authority to force someone into treatment that they may not want could constitute a civil rights violation. In the end, the main concern of the law is to help addicts realize themselves that their destructive addictive behaviors are hurting them and those around them; however, sometimes addicts cannot make this pivotal decision, and in desperate situations (meaning worst case scenario the addict is near death), families must intervene and get them the necessary treatment in order to save their future.

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