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What steps can you take before your drug or alcohol abuse problem causes financial ruin, chronic health problems or incarceration? Entering a drug rehabilitation facility is the most effective way to treat various addictions that have drastically altered the course of your life. Family members may resort to an intervention in order to steer a substance abuser toward the right course of action. Interventions are led by a professional counselor who will objectively inform the substance abuser about just how serious their problem has become. Often, intervention specialists are recovered substance abusers who can personally relate to the emotional and physical feelings that the patient is experiencing.

There are many types of programs available on the path to rehabilitation. Asking questions and educating yourself helps the medical personnel design a course of action that is best for you. Each patient is suffering their own unique form of addiction and therefore needs a customized program that will most effectively treat that person. Some of the questions you should consider asking are:

What is the success rate of your programs? Success can be measured by patients treated who enjoy sustained sobriety. One enduring successful method is the 12 Step program, made popular by Alcoholics Anonymous. A patient can earn continual positive reinforcement after each step of the plan is completed, as well as seek acceptance and encouragement from a group of their peers. This helps the patient gain confidence throughout the rehabilitation process.

Another consideration is will our residential or out-patient care meet your needs? Substance abusers suffering from more severe cases of addiction often need an in-patient rehab program in order to be shielded from the temptations. If you are able to sustain your sobriety, work a job, and stay responsible, than an out-patient program may be your choice of action.

More questions to ask:

  • You should inquire about the qualifications and credentials of the physicians, nurses, therapists and counselors who will be a part of your rehabilitation team.
  • What are the costs associated with your particular rehabilitation program and does insurance cover any of those costs?
  • How long will the initial rehabilitation process take? This will include detox, rehabilitation and continued care.
  • How involved will family become in the road to your rehabilitation?

Choosing a drug rehab center may be the most important decision of your life. Considering all the options, including the location of your drug rehab center, whether in Ohio or not, is something you need to discuss with your family. A professional counselor is ready to take your call and discuss what immediate steps are needed to begin the rehabilitation process. This is your moment to choose the correct course of action. Call now and educate yourself on how to regain control of your life and those you love.

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