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Detoxification for drug and alcohol dependency at a drug rehab center in Ohio does not constitute addiction treatment, but it is one part of a continuum of care for substance abuse. The detoxification process usually occurs in three stages: 1) Evaluation 2) Stabilization 3) Fostering patient readiness for treatment. A quality detoxification program in Ohio must include all three of these essential components. The detoxification process is more successful depending on whether or not the patient also enters into an addiction treatment program to attain long-term sobriety from drugs and/or alcohol.

Detoxification is a set of interventions aimed at managing acute withdrawal symptoms. Medically supervised detoxification in Ohio may prevent potentially life-threatening medical complications that could arise during the withdrawal period. The severity of the withdrawal symptoms depends on a number of factors: the type of drug or drugs abused; the dosage; the frequency and length of time in which the drug or drugs were abused; the age of the user; and much more. To prevent any unforeseen medical complications during withdrawal, the addicted individual should detox at a rehab center with round-the-clock monitoring and supervision by a highly qualified staff of medical workers and counselors.

Evaluation, the first step of detoxification, seeks to formulate an individualized substance abuse treatment plan once the individual has completed detoxification. Evaluation involves testing the blood for the presence of substances in the blood stream and measuring their level of concentration, as well as screening for any co-occurring mental and physical conditions. Evaluation includes a comprehensive assessment of the patient's medical, psychological, and social conditions to help determine the appropriate level of treatment following detoxification.

Stabilization, the second step of detoxification, involves assisting the patient through the acute and uncomfortable withdrawal period to become medically stable, fully supported, and physically free from drugs and alcohol. Many programs use medications to manage the withdrawal symptoms or replace the addiction with a lesser addiction, such as heroin with methadone, making it easier for the patient to undergo withdrawal. The patient is familiarized with the treatment process and their role in treatment and recovery. During the time period of stabilization, family members, friends, and others are sought to provide support when appropriate and with release of confidentiality.

Preparing the patient to enter an addiction treatment program is the final stage of detoxification. For patients who have completed detoxification before and failed to enter into a treatment program, a written contract, not legally binding, may help facilitate the next step to treating their addiction. The patient voluntarily signs the written contract when they are stable enough to do so at the beginning of treatment. The patient agrees to participate in a continuing of care plan, with contacts and details established prior to the completion of detox.

Detoxing at A Center for Addiction Recovery

At A Center for Addiction Recovery, we make sure each individual client receives the safest detox treatment with as little discomfort as possible. Our clients receive personalized and private medical detox treatment as well as psychological counseling and therapies to help them overcome common detox withdrawal symptoms. Overcoming the body's dependency on drugs or alcohol has a much higher success rate when receiving help from highly experienced and qualified professionals. At A Center for Addiction Recovery, we see to it that every detox process is safely performed and closely monitored by in-house medical professionals. As a comprehensive addiction treatment facility, we offer drug rehab programs covering all levels of treatment and services an individual addict needs to go through in order to complete a successful recovery program.

Since A Center for Addiction Recovery was established in 1995, we have become nationally renowned for comprehensive, affordable treatment provided by highly experienced care providers. We also accept all major insurances and negotiate private pay options to fit your budget.

We hope our website, Addiction-Treatment-in-Ohio.com, will be supportive and helpful to all who are experiencing the pain and devastation of drug and or alcohol addiction.

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