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Unfortunately, the rate of drug addiction in Ohio has been steadily increasing in the past two decades. Drug addiction in Ohio and elsewhere doesn't just happen all of a sudden without warning signs - it is a process that usually happens in stages. Young people often move more quickly through these stages than adults.

  • Experimental use - Peer pressure from friends may coax someone to start using drugs. These drugs are used recreationally or merely as a way of defying parents or authority figures.
  • Regular use - Larger doses of the drug are now required to achieve the same "high." The user starts missing work or school and worries about losing their drug source. Self-medication as a way to cope with feelings of stress, depression, and anxiety is now common place. Friends are soon abandoned for others who are regular users.
  • Daily preoccupation - The user now only has one focus and that is getting their drug of choice. Personal amibitions and motivations are forgotten along with family, school, or work. Since they are only interested in their next fix, relationships fall apart and social isolation becomes absolute. Dealing drugs and resorting to petty crimes to support their habit is common, as well as recklessly trying more hard drugs and mixing them together, and soon, run-ins with law enforcement becomes inevitable.
  • Dependence - Life is impossible to live without regular drug use, but they usually deny that a problem exists and physical health completely deteriorates. Financial and legal problems get worse as control over drug use completely erodes, leading to psychotic or suicidal feelings and detachment from family members and friends.

Often, a person turns to illicit drugs as a way to help cope with emotional problems suffered during their youth. Drug addiction in Ohio afflicts people from every possible social stratus. Everyone deals with problems in their own way but turning to drugs only makes the problem worse, as they only temporarily relieve the immediate torment of emotional or physical pain. Ultimately, a person suffering from drug addiction in Ohio should seek some form of counseling.

Sometimes an intervention specialist is needed to start the rehabilitation program. An intervention forces the drug addict to face their problems head-on and admit that they need help. So many people surrounding the addict can be overwhelming, but it is often necessary to reach the cathartic realization needed. Once that point is reached, it is often deeply relieving for everyone involved once the addict agrees to follow a course of rehabilitation.

The first stage of rehabilitation is to detox or refrain from all drug use. This is usually done in a medical setting as the withdrawal effects from the drug can be dangerous. Intense shaking, sweating, nausea, sleeplessness, trouble eating, and hallucination are common withdrawal symptoms from chronic addictions to alcohol, heroin, or cocaine. Sometimes medication is needed to help a person suffering from severe withdrawal symptoms.

After detox, a person can choose between an in-patient or out-patient rehab programs. The severity of the affliction can determine which program is best for you. So call now to speak to our dedicated professional counselors to determine what should be your best course of action. After rehabilitation is completed, continued care is suggested in order to help during times of weakness. Our therapists, physicians, nurses and counselors work together to put you on the right path to recovery. Now is the time to make the most important call of your life.

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